Kansas City Developer Slapfight Over Country Club Plaza Destruction Cont'd

Per ushe, the newspaper isn't offering any new deets about an upcoming disaster.

Still, their summary is worth a peek.

Check-it . . .

"In a project it publicized last month, Overland Park-based Drake Development announced plans for a three-story restaurant building called cocina47 at 47th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The developer plans to demolish the Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, a 1942-era structure, to make way for the new structure.

"Because of its height, the project would need a variance from City Hall to get around strict zoning standards the city has implemented on buildings in and around the Plaza.

"But now, Drake Development says it wants to build an even taller, nine-story building. The $65 million project would include three stories of restaurants capped by six stories of high-end condominiums.

"But detractors see the news as a thinly veiled negotiation tactic: by upping the ask to nine stories, Drake Development can then “negotiate” its way back down to the three-story structure it really wants, they suspect."

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Kansas City developers feud as proposed Country Club Plaza development triples in size

"His whole shtick about how he's the guy that's come up with the way to fix the Plaza - it defies just plain logic," said Stephen Block, a principal at Block Real Estate Services. "It doesn't even make sense. His theory is that he's going to make the Plaza more viable by bringing in more competition."

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