Kansas City Council Dude Kevin O'Neil Decries Rising Northland Criticism

We often, mistakenly, believe that the "good life" is waiting across the bridge in Kansas City.

Sadly, that's not completely true given growing resentment of 12th & Oak in addition to worsening divisions along political lines.

Per ushe . . . 

We turn to council dude Special K for a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day and to witness his hilarious inability to cope with even the mildest criticism . . . Take a peek . . .

The entire thread is actually worth a peek inasmuch as it features NEXTGEN activists haggling with the old school dude over class divisions. 

Real talk . . . So many Northland denizens want street level services like better trash pickup and sidewalks whilst most of their political leadership is comprised of a faux-country-club set who would rather fight with city hall over culture war issues and battle urban core leaders over rigged contracts which help our local Democracy run effectively.

Fun fact . . . Already a few noteworthy candidates are filing against Council Dude K and we'll be interested if he can stand up to any debate about his tenure without overheating or hurling personal insults at lowly fun-loving bloggers.

Developing . . .