Kansas City Considers 'Permission Walls' For Graffiti Artists

Don't be so quick to judge . . . This is ACTUALLY a great idea.

This town is home to so many TOP LEVEL graffiti artists and incredibly talented guys like Scribe have turned their passion into a career that helps support his family.

Credit to Northeast News for exploring this idea . . . Here's the relevant passage that doesn't actually require any government involvement . . .

“Collaborative partnerships with artists like GEAR and other such professionals bring an element of understanding of this creative art form to the community,” Baker-Hughes said. “Graffiti writers, artists and muralists bring to a space a placemaking process that really starts with an underground presence and rises to a level of admiration of their abilities to bring focus to a topic of relevance in a community.”

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Graffiti artists seek "permission walls" for legal spaces to showcase their work

By Bryan Stalder If you ask any artist when graffiti started, many will tell you that the first drawings on walls appeared in caves thousands of years ago. Some will tell you that in Ancient Rome, citizens began writing political messages on buildings.