Kansas City Composting Corpses?!?

Or, with a bit more optimism . . . Thoughtful souls help to save the planet on their way out. 

Additionally, a lot of these efforts could help curb some of the high prices of the funeral industrial complex. 

Moreover . . . Apropos for Earth Day . . . Environmentally friendly burials might be just a bit more dignified than condemning loved ones to an eternity in a long forgotten shoe-box and then inevitably getting thrown in some landfill.

Here are some of the deets . . .

"Until recently there were no places open to the public for green burials in Kansas City. But two years ago Elmwood Cemetery began offering this environmentally-conscious option east of downtown, and last month Longview Cemetery in south KC followed. Officials there had been considering adding this choice, and their decision was quickened in March when a middle-aged couple inquired about purchasing adjoining green burial plots."

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Demand for green burials is growing, south KC steps up

If you want to leave this world a better place than you found it, think about the way you plan to leave. Cremation and conventional burials are still the most common end-of-life practice, but demand for green burials is growing, especially among baby boomers who want to avoid putting toxins and manmade materials into the earth when they die.