Kansas City Bier Saves The Planet

Don't be a hater . . . Salvation by way of beer is a wonderful idea that deserves support, encouragement and respect.

Moreover . . . We admire a local company that's has obviously put a great deal of thought into producing their product domestically . . .

Kansas City Bier exclusively packages its beer in 100 percent and endlessly recyclable glass bottles, all manufactured in the U.S., by AGP – North America.

“It is important to us to reduce our impact on the environment where possible,” said Katie Camlin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator at Kansas City Bier Company. “Glass bottles are both reusable and recyclable, and working with Ardagh, a domestic manufacturer, reduces shipping distances greatly.”

In 2021, Kansas City Bier filled more than 2.6 million glass beer bottles, supplying fresh, local, German-style lagers and ales throughout Missouri and Kansas.

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Ardagh Glass Packaging Partners with Kansas City Bier Company

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - Ardagh Glass Packaging - North America (AGP - North America), a business of Ardagh Group, has partnered with Kansas City Bier Company to supply all the brewery's glass beer bottles. The partnership connects Kansas City Bier Company with AGP - North America's Pevely, Mo., glass manufacturing facility, helping to keep the brewery's promise to source local products and incorporate sustainable practices into its operations.