Kansas City Activists Question Keith Carnes Continued Imprisonment After Exoneration

Courts have cleared this former prisoner and local politicos aren't going to try his case again . . . Yet he remains in jail.

Here's a glimpse at the controversial sitch . . .

Michelle Smith, an advocate for Keith Carnes, says he is illegally locked up. She claims it is a violation of his constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment.

“This is obviously cruel because you are holding someone in a correctional facility against a court order, which is against the law,” Smith said.

Smith and other advocates on site have asked the prison captain why Carnes is being held, especially following the prosecutor’s dismissal of all charges and the court’s order to release him.

“They verified that they have it — Captain Terry did. But he said that came from higher up, that he’s not to release Mr. Carnes,” Smith said. “When asked when will he be released, they were told, 'We don’t know.'”

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Family, advocates of Keith Carnes call for his immediate release from prison

LICKING, Mo. - Family and advocates of Keith Carnes are asking for his immediate release from prison. He is still being held at South Central Correctional Center after the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that it's dismissing all charges against him . According to Carnes' advocates and Rep.

Keith Carnes remains in prison even after charges dropped

A Kansas City man remains in prison, more than 24 hours after prosecutors declined to retry a 2003 murder case.Keith Carnes' mother was able to visit him Saturday for a couple hours at a correctional center in Licking, Missouri. Attorneys on Carnes' legal team said they are frustrated.

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