Justice Horn Earns Kangaroo Tribute For NEXTGEN Activism

Something to consider . . .

Of course all political endeavors attract haters . . . However, we challenge constant critics to name another young person who has dedicated more time and effort to Kansas City activism and community involvement.

I'll wait.

Truth is . . . Justice Horn is quickly crafting a career as a young leader and, behind the scenes, he has a great many fans in high places.

For tonight . . . We take a look at his alma mater offering a worthy profile . . .

His political career, though relatively new, already displays his investment in the community. In September 2020, Horn worked with local civil rights organizations to create Black Lives Matter street murals. More recently, he helped write a city proclamation to recognize May as AAPI History Month in Kansas City.

In spite of these accomplishments, Horn mentioned that his greatest barrier to public service is his age.

“No matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, there is just this misconception that young people don’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” Horn said.  

Although Horn is now an active voice and leader in the Jackson County community, he did not always want to be in the spotlight. His experience being an NCAA wrestler changed his mentality.

Horn’s main priorities include equity, accountability, community policy and policy plans. He said he believes that the input of the community is crucial.

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