Jackson County Trailer Park Crackdown Cont'd Amid Pricey New Jail Construction

The last remaining tenants are on their way of a remote Eastern Jack plot of land that will host the new detention center.

Take a peek at the painful process . . .

Many tenants have already moved out, the county said they have started eviction proceedings on at least three residents. One resident hasn't been heard from since the sale occurred, according to Jackson County Administrator Troy Schulte.

For the remaining families, the county is working to move them out over the week or so.

"No process is perfect, but this has gone about as well as you could expect, given the size and magnitude of the relocation," Schulte said.

Speed in relocating all families is especially pertinent as county lawmakers will review an ordinance Monday morning that sets asides almost $3 million for a contractor to come up with a design for the future detention center that's projected to cost more than $256 million.

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