Jackson County Evicting Wounded Vietnam Veteran From Trailer

For those who haven't seen it yet . . . The Vietnam War by Ken Burns is an EXCEPTIONAL documentary which speaks to the divisive conflict that tore apart the U.S. in many ways that it still haven't been acknowledged. 

While most of us hope the Ukraine conflict won't escalate . . . And as the 50 year anniversary  of this American war approaches . . . The shadow of Vietnam looms over every U.S. military engagement.

And that leads us to a current local real estate fight and the struggle to build a new jail that has mostly been bungled by the current administration.

Here's a part of the argument that stands out to us . . .

Jackson County officials said the vast majority of residents relocated without major issue. So far 94 out of 106 have already been relocated -- with another eight of those tenants scheduled to leave within the week.

The rest face evictions.

But there's new deadline to leave for remaining tenants at the Heart Village Mobile Home Park. Jackson County said that date is now May 1.

KC Tenants claims the county has compensated some and supported some in their efforts to find new places to live. But the group said others have not received full compensation.

Urban Schaefer lives on social security and a VA pension. During Monday's Jackson County Legislature meeting, he said that it has been hard navigating his relocation process from Heart Village because of his disability.

"I got shot three times in Vietnam, and so my mobility is very limited," Schaefer said.

The veteran said the county damaged his trailer during the move and has yet to build a wheelchair ramp that he was promised.

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Evictions loom for remaining residents at new Jackson County jail site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents with disabilities at Heart Village Mobile Homes with disabilities say their lives are being ruined to make way for a new Jackson County jail. More than 100 households are being moved from the trailer park after Jackson County purchased the land.

Some Heart Village mobile home residents say Jackson County mismanaging their relocation

Jackson County leaders say time is running out for the last of those remaining at the Heart Village Mobile Home Park, where the county plans to build a new jail.The county filed these two eviction notices against some of the few people left at the mobile home park but even more showed up to the Jackson County Legislature to voice their concerns and frustrations."It's like being in prison.

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