In Support Of Grain Valley LGBT Safe Spaces. Justice Horn Reveals Suicide Scare . . .

The activist and tireless campaigner shares a personal moment from his past in solidarity with local LGBT students.

Check his very brave confession . . .

Justice Horn, candidate for the Jackson County Legislature and former Grain Valley student, said the decision brings up difficult memories from his time as an openly gay student.

Horn said the decision will be detrimental to students in the LGBTQ community."We are sacrificing kids' comfort for adults being uncomfortable," Horn said.

He said the decision triggers emotional trauma he endured as a middle school student."It was in 2011 that I felt so alone, and felt that there wasn't a community and I was strictly bullied because I was gay," Horn said.

Horn said the bullying led him to attempt to take his own life. He said the safe space signs are a way to prevent LGBTQ students from feeling the same loneliness he felt.

"I think it is getting rid of the only safety net queer students may have, and to some, which is a majority, this is just a sticker, it's not that big of a deal, but to students who may feel that they don't have a place, this means the world to them," Horn said.

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Former Grain Valley student, Jackson County Legislature candidate responds to safe space sticker ban

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Grain Valley School District will host listening sessions about LGBTQ safe place signs. The district alerted parents and community members Tuesday after reaction to the district banning staff from putting up the signs.

Grain Valley to hold listening sessions after demanding teachers remove LGBTQA safe space signs

In a 24-hour time span, Grain Valley Schools went from removing all stickers and signs that referenced being a "safe space" for LGBTQA students to announcing listening sessions after a community outcry."I think it's absolutely horrible," Grain Valley mother Autum Hood said.

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