How Much Inflation Will Kansas City Tolerate Before Voters Turn Against Prez Biden & Co.?!?

This week's most important nationwide story has been worsening inflation after recent economic numbers reveal the US financial situation to be even more dire than most expected.

Meanwhile . . .

Whilst we don't expect locals to start voting Republican anytime soon . . . 

At 6% turnout the latest KCMO special election demonstrated that locals are more than willing to stay home rather than waste time voting . . . And THAT could be enough to cause major political upheaval. 

Here's the economic factor that's sparking the political crisis given that people ALWAYS vote with their wallet . . .

A local economist says the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues and more will keep increasing these costs.

“What Russia and Ukraine provide the local markets, we look at wheat and oil and natural gas. 23% of the global supply coming out of those two countries that are now either decimated by the war or wave-invoked sanctions against them,” he said.

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Inflation's impact on families across the Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, MO - With inflation hitting record highs, Kansas City area families say rising prices have become a burden. "I work two jobs. I just recently became a single parent so it's difficult," mother Alexandra Chavez said. Chavez says she works hard to keep food on the table.

Inflation is crushing Joe Biden and Democrats | CNN Politics

The Consumer Price Index -- a measure of inflation in the economy -- hit a four-decade high in March, a brutal reminder for Democrats of the political headwinds facing them as they seek to keep their majorities in the House and Senate this fall.

As inflation surges, Biden's approval rating drops to 41% -Reuters/Ipsos poll

WASHINGTON, April 12 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden's public approval rating fell to 41% this week, a blow to his Democratic Party's hopes of retaining control of Congress in November's elections, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

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