Guv Kelly Veto Power Against LGBT Crackdown Proves She's Controlled By Left?!?

Our cynical TKC reminder which hopes to give everybody a moment of pause whilst yelling at the TV: 

Culture war wedge issues provide the perfect distraction against problems that really confront the lives of voters.

Accordingly . . .

It looks like Guv Kelly's campaign will mostly be fought on the topic of high school sports.

Here's a quick preview . . .

“Rather than listen to parents and female athletes,” said Senate President Ty Masterson, R-Andover, “her decision to veto the parents’ bill of rights and the fairness in women’s sports act demonstrate she is still largely controlled by the left.”

Masterson said Republican lawmakers would respond to Kelly’s veto of a statewide public school and college ban on participation by transgender girls and women in sports. The policy was a high priority of religious conservatives and part of a national movement to slow momentum of the LGBTQ rights.

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TOPEKA - The legislative process in Kansas is a numbers game that folks conveniently boil down to the trifecta of 63, 21 and one. This odd set of figures represents the narrowest margin in which bills can be passed in the House and Senate - 63 in the House and 21 in the Senate.