Food Prices Surge To Record Highs Amid New Era Of American Scarcity

A couple of weeks ago Prez Biden told us about upcoming food shortages and he quickly delivered on that promise.

The impact on locals . . . 


The last time locals really witnessed food scarcity was during the dust bowl era nearly a century ago.

So far we haven't noticed local waistlines shrinking but here's a peek at the political impact . . . 

- It'll be hard to blame this one on Prez Trump. Currently mainstream media is directing ire at a chicken virus and Russia. Future animosity can be targeted at Vlad & the Russkies over the dwindling fertilizer supply

- Food fear is already taking meat off the table for many Americans. This fact of life doesn't seem to be drawing much sympathy from our veggie and vegan friends. 

- There's no sign of relief. So neither the White House for local politicos have shown any willingness to talk about hardships for the middle-class. Instead, for better and worse, many Americans are looking at smaller portions for Easter dinner and BBQ season. 

A bit of data about the dilemma . . .

"The University of Missouri’s Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute is projecting a trip to the grocery store will cost 5% more in 2022 compared to last year."

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Food prices will see biggest increase in 14 years, according to Missouri researchers

Food prices will be a lot higher this year, according to a new study of the agriculture and food industry. According to the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, a think tank at the University of Missouri, food prices will be at least 5% higher in 2022 compared to last year.

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