EPIC Golden Ghetto Stained Glass Window Earns Documentary Movie Debut

CBS news claims that widely celebrate window cost $3.4 MILLION to craft.

That's most of the story but these documentary movie-makers have a bit more to contribute to the conversation . . .

The window is made of 161 panels and took two years to make.

Judson Studios, who took on the big painting in the sky as they called it, took a risk taking the project. They had to buy new equipment and got a second studio to make sure they made their deadline.

The film follows their every move, including having to bring in the Steven Spielberg of stained glass window making, Narcissus Quagliata.

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Documentary tells story of Church of the Resurrection's stained glass window

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Church of the Resurrection's Leawood Campus had a documentary made about its iconic stained glass window and it's showing at AMC Ward Parkway on Wednesday night. "I never thought I would make a movie about a stained glass window," Justin Monroe, Director of "HOLY FRIT" said.