Egg-ceptionally Disheartening Kansas City Holy Week Ahead

The "science" isn't really egg-act on eggs. Some claim they're cholesterol-filled killers whilst others claim they're an efficient source of protein. 

Whatever the case . . . Here's a new American reality as we cling to visions of hottie Kate Moss because her beauty is the only thing that remains constant . . .


Given that we're right in the middle of dairy country . . . There's not a shortage yet. HOWEVER, a week of panicked and dismal news reports might create a bit of scarcity. 

To be fair . . . Most people don't like eggs and youngsters would rather enjoy plastic egg-shaped containers filled with candy. So I'm not sure if hoarding will take hold. 

Still . . . 

The bigger story is that the food shortages that Prez Biden promised are now starting to get more "real" as we move forward . . . 

"The Biden administration said it's in talks with Canada and European countries to ship more food aid to hungry countries and help farmers boost crop yields. France is considering food vouchers for its citizens, while the United Kingdom has cut gas and diesel taxes to ease pressure on deliveries. China, meanwhile, has been buying up U.S. soybeans, corn, and other supplies. But each country's vulnerability to price shocks will be unique, said Derek Headey, senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, and the complexity of the global supply chain makes it difficult to determine whether any particular price is rising because of the war or the pandemic or some other cause. "We thought 2007-08 was a perfect storm," he said. 'This one seems like a more perfect storm.'"

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The looming catastrophe of the global food shortage

Russia's war on Ukraine has sent food prices skyrocketing, leaving millions at risk of going hungry. Russia's war on Ukraine has sent food prices skyrocketing, leaving millions at risk of going hungry. Here's everything you need to know: Why the food shortage?

Egg prices soar before Passover and Easter

The price of eggs in February jumped 11 percent from the previous year. Experts say inflation has been driving the price hikes in grocery stores and now the bird flu is decimating some poultry farms across the Midwest.

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A deadly and highly infectious avian flu is forcing US farmers to kill millions of egg-laying hens, reducing the country's egg supply and driving up prices.

CBS News poll: In economic views, inflation outweighs jobs

This week's positive jobs report and the stronger employment rate aren't entirely lost on Americans - just outweighed when they rate the economy. Many do say the job market is good and that jobs have increased over the last year - but it's still inflation driving views, and even those who say the job market is ok still don't rate the economy well.

New Fed study shows Biden owns our economic disaster

President Joe Biden loves to blame our sky-high inflation on corporate greed and Vladimir Putin. But a new study from the San Francisco Fed shows it was Biden himself who put America on this grim trajectory. Specifically, it was the massive $1.9 trillion stimulus dumped into the US economy in early 2021 by the president's American Rescue Plan.

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