Recently, Kansas City's "front porch" has been targeted by increasingly brazen criminals throughout the downtown area.

Moreover, as workers return to the office in and around the loop, they'll find that their circumstances have become more dangerous. 

Of course, there's an effort to deny the trend from local officials. 

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A Union Station spokesperson . . .

“There has been a rise in property vandalism across the Downtown area and more broadly,  at Union Station. We have a multi-layered approach to address the issue; 'First, we employ a fulltime (24/7) on-site security team that monitors and actively patrols our 18-acre campus continuously.  In their toolbox is a system with hundreds of live cameras both inside and outside.  That team, in turn, works closely with KCPD to coordinate information and responses when rare incidents do occur.  Third, we’re expanding patrols of our parking garage, surface lots and other parking areas.  All of this is to provide a visible deterrent'.”

“Park at your own risk. I wouldn’t park there,” said a recent victim.

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Man's truck stolen from Union Station parking garage

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- The Union Station parking garage has been the target of multiple break-ins and even a car theft. One man tells FOX4, his truck was stolen last month while he was away on a 24-hour business trip. "I feel like I've been violated. I trusted that I parked into a secure location.