Dismal Turnout Numbers Reveal That Almost NOBODY Voted In Kansas City

A tiny swath of voters decided taxes for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of locals.

Truth be told . . . Before the pandemic TKC kinda lost faith in the process when I noticed a person in a vegetative state hauled toward the ballot in order to cast a vote with help from a local political worker . . . Who knows . . . Maybe he was Stephen Hawking's cousin . . . It just didn't inspire much confidence about the legitimacy of the process. MSM tells us that voter fraud isn't real or is very rare but a growing number of Americans are having doubts about that assurance. 

As a failing Catholic I simply vote and hope for the best out of habit. . . Very much like the increasingly likely possibility that so many prayers are sent out into the cold and lifeless void of the Universe.

Cue sad emo clown singing.

Anyhoo . . . Here's a peek at those election returns with a SUPER LOW turnout highlighted . . .

It was worse than we expected . . .


We can talk about the future of Democracy and the power of the vote . . . But the practical example conducted this week PROVES PROVES THAT ALMOST NOBODY CARES about civic issues that directly impact their wallet.

You decide . . .