Congressman Cleaver Pens Spy Thriller

Writing fiction is the new hotness for politicos . . . Both Bill & Hillary have books.

Here's a glimpse at this town's top politico turned author . . .

Congressman Cleaver says he got the idea when his family had a chip implanted in their dog—a common practice that would allow them to track the family pet if it had ever gone missing. That everyday occurrence made its way into the story, allowing Cleaver to address contemporary issues such as cybersecurity, digital surveillance of citizens, hacking, and the dangers of social media if it is allowed to continue to operate with minimal oversight.

Another key issue he addresses in the book is Right Wing extremism, and the increasing habit of politicians to use religion as a means of securing votes and amassing power. Cleaver, a former Methodist pastor, finds this trend in American politics to be particularly concerning, and uses the plot of the book to explore what could happen if exploitation of faith is allowed to remain unchecked.

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's first novel imagines a political world in 2030

Among Emanuel Cleaver II's many talents, his propensity to connect with others through storytelling has always been central to his life. His peers in congress had long taken notice of this skill, as Cleaver, 77, would often offer meditations, stories, and illustrations that caught the eye of his fellow legislators.