Brookside 'Down To Earth' Organic Living Will Cost No Less Than Half A Million Bucks

Allow us a peek at how the better half can still have more cash than most people BUT pretend that they're just barefoot hippies. 

Take a peek at the captivating rhetorical gymnastics that makes the tasteless junk from Whole Foods go down easier . . . 

“To me, this project is a mixture of the old and new, and much of the inspiration comes from using organic materials,” Tara says  of the two thousand square-foot house. She and her husband worked within the home’s original footprint but modified the floor plan to fit a more modern lifestyle, such as turning a hallway into a pantry.

The result is a comfortable and clean space that honors the home’s history with many original details left intact throughout the house, such as glass doorknobs, doors, interior trim and wood floors.

They nicknamed this house “Down to Earth” because of the neutral colors, layers of textures and use of organic materials throughout.

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A century-old home in Brookside gets a 'Down to Earth' renovation

A century-old home in Brookside gets a 'Down to Earth' renovation with organic materials, clean neutrals and the help of Cicada Company's Tara and Kyle Davis.