Box Store Property Tax Bust Out: Here's How Johnson County Goes Bankrupt?!?

Tax trouble and legal challenges confronting Johnson County could dramatically impact the good life in Golden Ghetto.

Here's one of the best explanations we've seen on the ongoing court crisis . . .

Evaluation is a seemingly gray area, and big box stores argue that local tax authorities should not make these decisions.

Beau Boisvert, a Johnson County appraiser, says, “Our evaluation date is January 1 of every year. The goal is to create a fair and equitable balance in tax evaluation, which we substantiate with relevant facts on that date.”

If Kansas were to use “dark store” theory for every evaluation, Boisvert estimates that draining local budgets of millions of dollars in commercial property tax revenue would have profoundly negative effects on libraries, school districts and city governments. The tax burden would then shift to property owners and smaller retail businesses. Services would likely be cut.

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This novel legal theory could drain the coffers of Johnson County government by reducing the taxes big box retailers pay

Empty commercial real estate properties mean blighted neighborhoods and the loss of tax revenue. But "hypothetically empty" buildings may also mean huge tax advantages for big box businesses.