UMKC Protest For Better Pay

Students at the city college are a quick study and they seem to realize the social justice protest is (seemingly) necessary to spark progress.

Meanwhile, the kangaroo campus attempt to share a reality check in service of the status quo . . .

According to GUM-KC, the university is legally exempt from the state minimum wage requirements, making graduate and undergraduate workers some of the lowest paid employees in Missouri.

“I am eager to address the concerns that have been raised by the group, Graduates United of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and also dispel some misinformation that is circulating regarding compensation for graduate student work,” said UMKC Chancellor Mauli Agrawal.

Agrawal claims that in the 2021 fiscal year the minimum campus assistantship stipend was set at $15/hour, and pay for graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants and graduate assistants is currently meeting that standard.

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UMKC student employees hold protest for better wages | UMKC Roo News

Members of the Graduates United of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (GUM-KC) held a rally on Monday, March 7, to protest against the wages the university pays to graduate teaching assistant workers. "Treatment of the lowest of us is just a reflection of the treatment of the highest of us," ...