Check this noteworthy effort from a developer who has a proven track record of bringing historic sites back to life.

We hope to do a great deal of follow-up on this story . . . But for right now we wanted to share the FIRST deets with our blog community this afternoon . .  .

Save Sauer Castle

March 10,2022 Kansas City native Greg Trial begins his campaign to acquire the infamous Sauer Castle. Trial a local business owner is no stranger to old buildings in need of rescue.

Trial has been in the real estate world for 34 years, he’s a visionary and an entrepreneur at heart. Involved in many real estate projects over the last 34 years his latest project is a 150-year-old Mercantile located in Farley, Missouri. Trial acquired The Mercantile building located at 102 Main Street Farley, Missouri in late 2019 and has been on a mission to restore and revitalize the business. This has not been an easy task, first the building had sat empty for 16 years and time was not kind to the old place, I am the only taker out of a long list of would-be buyers I think it was just too overwhelming for most people. This requires some vision you must overcome the initial shock of condition and perception, look forward and see not what it is but rather what it can become. There is always a question of cost for restoration and of course purchase price, in the case of The Mercantile we offset the cost of restoration by getting the retail side of the operation up and running, generating income was key. We received a lot of media attention which helped in bringing customers in, we were able to accomplish the task even being at a disadvantage due to the Pandemic and restrictions.
I know The Castle purchase price seems rather pricey in fact I recently saw an interview where it was called a huge financial risk and failure would sure to follow. You must look at a piece of real estate like this not from a residential position, it’s really a commercial venture with commercial value. This is where vision comes in you really must look past the failing fa├žade and crumbling stone, someone must step up and attempt what everyone else says is impossible! I’ve watched this story unfold for years and it always amazed me how the owner just couldn’t seem to figure it out, maybe to him it’s a game of cat and mouse getting behind on taxes and taunting the Unified Government at the same time, who knows what the real story is.

None the less I’ve started a campaign to raise capital and promote the project I have enlisted the help from a well know local Architect and Real estate Developer and have made a solid plan to restore and redevelop the surrounding property. You can visit our website @ or our Go Fund Me campaign together we can save history one board and one brick at a time!

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