The legacy of an allegedly dirty cop threatens to break a local municipality. 

Sure they have insurance . . . But they'll never be able to buy any more if they lose this case.

Here's the story that's earning dutiful promotion from progressive state-run media . . .

Lamonte McIntyre, 45, along with his mother, Rose, who is seeking $30 million in damages, say the Unified Government is accountable for the actions of Roger Golubski, a former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective, and other officers, who allegedly framed McIntyre for a double homicide in 1994, according to a pretrial order filed in their federal lawsuit.

A federal judge on Thursday set a Nov. 7 trial for the civil case. The Unified Government wants to move the trial to Wichita because of the amount of media attention the case has drawn in the Kansas City area.

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Lamonte McIntyre seeks $93 million from Kansas City, Kansas, for 23 years wrongfully imprisoned

Lamonte McIntyre, an innocent man who spent 23 years in prison, is seeking $93 million in damages from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, as well as from a former police officer he says set him up.