Tech Company Moving To 'Mid-Tier' Kansas City Provides Backhanded Silicon Prairie Hope

We don't always want to focus on bad news and skepticism. 

There are plenty of reasons to feel good about the future of this cowtown when speaking in practical and realistic terms. 

Accordingly, we stumbled upon this tech biz story that rings true. 

A "wearable tech" company moved to Kansas City and their relocation wasn't inspired by a toy train or overpriced condos . . . They came because of convenience, lower costs and a national strategy.

Here's their story . . .

Mid-tier cities are often overshadowed by their bigger siblings. Increasingly, they are becoming a breeding ground for entrepreneurial ventures. Kansas City:

- Is affordable: The city offers an affordable cost of living, a friendly atmosphere, low crime rates, excellent schools, entertainment and sports, and great food, according to Money Geek.

- Has a base of investors, such as KCRise. Examinetics, Kenzen's first strategic investor, is the nation's leading provider of workforce health solutions through mobile, onsite, and technology platforms and is located nearby.

- Has talent with domain expertise in healthcare, animal health, sports, and industrials. Large companies like Cerner, Garmin, Sprint, and T-Mobile have many employees with the skills Kenzen needs.

- Is in the middle of the country.

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A Wearable Device Company That Protects Against Heat Injury Finds Its Product-Culture-Talent Fit

Dr. Sonia Sousa, a founder of Kenzen, passed away in May of 2018. It was challenging, but the startup moved forward. Kenzen was in the process of deploying a pilot with an industrial company. That pilot pointed to a new direction for the company-providing a predictive physiological monitoring system, including a wearable device that keeps workers safe from heat, fatigue, and overexertion.