Somebody Called The Feds On Kansas Senator Roger Marshall

The Kansas politico recently invited protesting truckers for a tour of the capitol.

Here was the response . . .

"A senior congressional aide alerted the Department of Justice about the truckers’ presence out of concern that the guided tour could help the protesters plan an entry into the building."

TKC quckie take . . . 

Fair play, one publicity stunt deserves another in the ongoing distraction away from US economic FAIL that neither party has a plan to fix.

Read more via link . . .

GOP senator gives trucker protesters a Capitol tour

At the time, the National Guard said it was prepared to deploy 700 members to assist the police. But the truckers did not end up protesting that night. The fence has since been taken down, though some barricades remain in place. The Capitol has been closed to public tours since the outbreak of Covid in the spring of 2020.