Show-Me Your Worthless College Degree?!?

The rapidly shifting economy presents a challenge for the NextGen and, in order to help, Missouri politicos are hoping to steer young people on the right path. 

A recent bill wants to prioritize funding that's more focused on helping students acquire better paying jobs. 

We can only hope this means more training for the ladies of OnlyFans and tech bros selling stock picking newsletters.

Here's a peek at the effort which at least has good intentions . . . 

"The University Rewarding Workforce Readiness Act, introduced by state Senator Karla Eslinger and state Representative Mike Henderson, would link the funding of public universities and community colleges directly to their students’ earnings after enrollment. Schools which deliver higher average earnings for their students would receive more funding from the state. The plan aligns schools’ financial incentives with their mission of expanding economic opportunity for young Missourians."

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Missouri Bill Would Fund Public Colleges Based On Graduates' Earnings

The vast majority of college freshmen say they are pursuing higher education "to get a better job" and "to be able to make more money." But too many degrees do not increase students' earnings enough to justify the costs of college.