Show-Me Senator Hawley's Fair Use Fight For Mug Fundraiser

Missouri's conservative firebrand pushes back against an attempt to derail one his funniest publicity stunts.

Fair use is tough for most plebs to understand and a great deal of the law is up for legit debate. 

Copyright purists could argue against memes and parody all day long but the fact is that Senator Hawley's representation of his own image in likely protected. What's worse is that they this is likely a mainstream media jab at the right-wing politico that backfired . . . Again. 

The teachable moment: Sometimes it's better to let a political opponent have their moment in the sun.

Here's the Senator's camp defending the joke . . .

In response, Hawley’s campaign sent out a press release Friday saying the image fell under “fair use” laws.

“The image used on the mug is a protected fair use and the Hawley campaign’s speech is further protected by the First Amendment,” wrote Jessica Furst Johnson, Hawley’s campaign counsel, in a letter sent to the media. “Neither the campaign nor Sen. Hawley will engage in self-censorship to placate the legally baseless demands of your client.”

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Josh Hawley refuses to stop selling mug featuring pre-riot Jan. 6 fist pump * Missouri Independent

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley's campaign will continue selling merchandise featuring a photo of him pumping his fist in support of protesters the day a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol to overturn the outcome of the presidential election. The photo in question was taken by a photographer for an energy and environment trade publication owned by Politico.

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