Show-Me Nationwide Outrage Over Bill To Ban Ecotopic Pregnancy Aboriton

For Sunday, this medical moral dilemma doesn't have any easy answers. 

For the record . . . We think the bill is a flex and reactions also want to capitalize on the sensational nature of the legislation. 

Also . . . It's fun to see dramatic protesters squeeze into Handmaid's Tale costumes if only because we hope it'll inspire more people to read or at least watch better TV shows.

Check the overview of the sitch . . .

Missouri lawmakers are reviewing a Republican-backed bill that would ban abortions after 10 weeks, and make it a crime to terminate deadly ectopic pregnancies, punishable with many years in prison.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants outside of the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube between the ovaries and the uterus, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is never viable, and can be deadly to the pregnant person.

Republican state representative Brian Seitz proposed House Bill No. 2810, which would make the production, sale, purchase, or use of medical devices or drugs used for abortions a class B 11 felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Performing or assisting an abortion for an ectopic pregnancy would be classified as a class A felony under Seitz's plan, carrying a sentence as high as 30 years or life in prison. Even treating ectopic pregnancies in trafficking victims is criminalized in the bill.

Ectopic pregnancies, which are diagnosed by blood test or ultrasound, require termination to prevent rupturing the body part where the embryo has implanted, which can cause deadly internal bleeding.

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Missouri seeks to ban abortion for ectopic pregnancies, with a penalty of up to 30 years in prison

Missouri Rep. Brian Seitz proposed a bill to severely restrict abortion access. The bill would ban abortion after 10 weeks and make it a crime to terminate ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are never viable, and can be deadly to the pregnant person.

Missouri Republican Proposes Antiabortion Bill That Would Literally Kill Pregnant People

Republican politicians talk a big game about protecting the "sanctity of life," but when it comes down to it, most of them are full of shit. The tip-off? When they propose antiabortion laws that could literally kill the pregnant women, as was the case in Missouri this week.

Missouri anti-abortion bills seek to stop crossing of state lines, ending ectopic pregnancies

JEFFERSON CITY. Mo. - New anti-abortion proposals in the Missouri House would allow lawsuits against those who help residents cross state lines for the procedure, as well as making the abortion of nonviable pregnancies a crime. Missouri is one of more than two dozen states looking to curtail access to abortions.

You decide . . .