Show-Me Growing Republican Support For Recreational Weed

Amid economic harsh times, we take notice as the battle against marijuana has finally, officially has been declared a losing cause.

Notice that Missouri Republicans are now leading efforts to quickly push through legislation to start a cash crop boom and spike tax revenue.

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The Cannabis Freedom Act, sponsored by Rep. Ron Hicks, R-Defiance, combines numerous marijuana-related bills into one but at its core legalizes possession and use of the drug for individuals 21 and older.

Supporters said Missouri lawmakers should blunt momentum for Legal Missouri 2022, a campaign currently collecting signatures for the Nov. 8 ballot. That plan would give current medical marijuana businesses the first shot at full recreational sales and keep in place the state’s ability to limit licenses.

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Missouri House takes up marijuana legalization in push to sink ballot question

JEFFERSON CITY - Cannabis activists lined up Tuesday to urge lawmakers to move quickly to fully legalize marijuana in Missouri and deflate a competing ballot initiative backed by existing medical marijuana businesses. The "Cannabis Freedom Act," sponsored by Rep.

With legalization looming, Black Missourians worry about losing out in marijuana industry

Abe Givins sunk into a leather armchair at the Cola Private Lounge in St. Louis on Saturday afternoon, where his company hosted a panel of doctors speaking about medical marijuana. Givins is co-owner of Village, which advertises itself as the only vertically-integrated medical marijuana company in Missouri that's 100% minority owned - meaning they have licenses to grow, manufacture and sell marijuana products.

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