Show-Me Big Bet On Sports Gambling

Missouri is missing out on desperately needed revenue courtesy of gambling addicts who don't realize that ALL of professional sports is pretty much rigged.

Still . . .

There's a legit debate about spreading the wealth.

Here's an update on recent Jeff City discussions . . .

A bill to legalize sports wagering is heading to the House floor for debate following a committee vote Tuesday. Three other bills legalizing sports wagering will have public hearings Wednesday in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The fiscal notes estimate Missourians will wager about $150 million annually on sporting events, resulting in tax revenue of $13- to $15 million annually. About $1.3 million will go to cities that have one of the 13 licensed casinos, with the rest going to state education programs.

But the bills provide no revenue to cities and counties when bettors make wagers in communities without a casino.

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Sports wagering bills moving toward Missouri House debate amid efforts to boost tax rates

When the Kansas City Chiefs open their 2022 season in early September, it may be possible for fans in the stands to bet on who will win, how many touchdown passes Patrick Mahomes will throw and even whether the coin toss will be heads or tails.