Sheila Albers Fought Resistance From Overland Park Po-Po, Politicos And Won

After the tragic death of her son, this JoCo lady demonstrated remarkable persistence and investigative skill in her struggle to get justice for her son.

This morning public TV highlights her story, here's the premise of their report . . .

 Challenging authority is never easy, but Sheila Albers has demonstrated that intervening skillfully to achieve lasting impact sometimes means turning up the heat on the people in charge – like a records clerk who’d prefer to shuffle you out of the office, or even a police chief or city council.

Along the way, open records advocates say, Albers has laid out a roadmap for other Kansans wishing to hold public officials in their communities accountable for their actions.

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A Mother's Quest for Openness Provides Map for Spurring Change

When Sheila Albers couldn't get answers to questions she had after her 17-year-old son was shot and killed by an Overland Park police officer, she didn't give up. Her story shows how everyday people can leverage public records to shape communities for the better.