Rock Chalk Lawrence, Kansas Baristas Join Kansas City Union Fight

Starbucks continues to implode in and around the metro as their employees make it harder to serve some of the most overpriced java on the planet.

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In their letter to Howard Shultz, two-time and current interim CEO of Starbucks, the Lawrence workers discussed the need for unionization to truly make the employees “partners” (as Starbucks refers to them).

“We realize now that this partnership can only truly be possible through collective bargaining guaranteeing us a living wage, safer working conditions, stability of employment, and a say in our place of work,” the employees wrote in the letter. “You’ve left us with no choice but to come together—to rebalance the scales of this relationship. Unionizing will make this title a reality: we are ‘Partners’ truly becoming Partners.”

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Workers at Lawrence Starbucks announce plans to unionize

Union busters. // Illustration by Miroslav Pavlovic Employees at a Lawrence Starbucks (​​1731 W. 23rd St, Lawrence, KS) announced today that they are forming a union with Workers United, joining a movement that includes stores in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Independence. The workers will file for a National Labor Relations Board election later today.