Kansas City Promises Pothole Repair Again

Local streets are broken and a patchwork of metal plates prevents cars from falling into the abyss.

Here's a more optimistic view and plans for improvement . . .

"A KCMO spokesperson said city crews are taking advantage of this week's nice weather to continue work on pothole repair. The spokesperson said the city is also gearing up for its annual resurfacing program that will start early this spring. MoDOT patched about 530,000 potholes in 2021, according to a release from the department. Most repairs take place from February to April, since the winter weather often causes them to form."

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MoDOT warns drivers to watch for crews fixing potholes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Crews from Kansas City, Missouri, and the Missouri Department of Transportation are warning drivers to watch for crews fixing potholes across the state, as repairs begin following the winter weather that often causes them. "Crews have already started working on patching potholes and will continue as the weather allows," Natalie Roark, MoDOT maintenance director, said in a release.