Progressives Decry Johnson County Election Fraud Investigation

Political flexing in the Golden Ghetto has a great many suburbanites atwitter.

Meanwhile, most denizens of the real world will appreciate JoCo smokies searching for clues in the world of political theater rather than getting in the way of all of the undocumented/illegal workers who power the economy of this enclave. The laser focus on issues pertaining only the chattering-class help everybody else make a buck and get on with their lives. 

Here's public radio reporting on the ruckus . . .

"Even though there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in Kansas, Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden announced at a local GOP gathering that he's assigned an officer to look into complaints about the county's election process."

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Johnson County Sheriff using taxpayer money to investigate 'baseless' election claims

Saying he's not convinced the numbers from the voter registration rolls add up, Sheriff Calvin Hayden has joined the ranks of others casting doubt on the legitimacy of recent election results in Johnson County. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in the state.

Johnson County sheriff launches investigation into election fraud claims

OLATHE, Kan. - The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is now investigating claims of election fraud. On Tuesday, the department announced Sheriff Calvin Hayden has assigned a Cyber Crimes Investigator to review an undisclosed number of allegations claiming election fraud in Johnson County.

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