Progressive Preacher Denounces Kansas 'Blasphemy' Against Trans Community

There's all kinds of great sacrilege committed in the name of political theater. 

This week . . . Faith leaders and politicos work on behalf of the super minority party in Kansas and hope to push back against some, admittedly, nasty rhetoric that is often mistakenly directed at youngsters and not hapless policymakers. 

Here's the word . . .

Rep. Stephanie Byers, D-Wichita, testifies Monday in opposition to legislation that would ban transgender athletes from school sports. (Kansas Reflector screen capture from Kansas Legislature YouTube channel)

“I will use religious language to describe what that is. That is blasphemy,” said the Rev. Caela Simmons Wood, pastor at First Congressional United Church of Christ of Manhattan, according to reporting from Kansas Reflector’s Sherman Smith. “Any attempt to deny the image of God within another human being, to deny another human being’s very existence, is an affront to the faith of Jesus.”

That’s a big leap for some people with “traditional values” to take.

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Anti-trans sports bill sprouts from ignorance. We owe Kansas kids respect and support. - Kansas Reflector

The world is a big, complicated and majestic place. There's a lot we don't understand. But just because we don't understand every single bit of the world, that doesn't mean we should hate the parts we don't. That doesn't mean we pass laws against them.