Outpouring Of Kansas City Love & Support For Ukraine Refugees: Racist?!?!

Right now we check this backhanded compliment that adds a bit of culture war flavor to cowtown compassion directed to the latest group of new arrivals headed our way.

OR . . .

Check today's dose of white guilt . . .

For people working to resettle refugees here, the latest inquiries have been met with a mixed response. Staffers are grateful for people’s compassion for Ukrainian refugees, just as they were for the outpouring of concern for refugees displaced from Afghanistan last year. But they caution against singling out one group of refugees for help, when people from multiple countries are being displaced around the world, and their needs are acute and ongoing.

“The circumstances are always harrowing,” Cori Wallace, the engagement director for Della Lamb Community Services, wrote in a recent email newsletter to volunteers. “(Your support) might be meeting the needs of someone from Rwanda, the Sudan, etc., and we want you to embrace that possibility.”

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Goodwill for Ukrainian refugees is abundant in KC, but what about the other refugees?

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