Olathe East Aftermath: Low-Key Credit For Good Guy With Gun

We've seen some of this chatter from social media but sadly, local media hasn't focused on this aspect of the story in any significant way. 

According to quite a few people, the officer at Olathe East earns high praise for heroic actions that undoubtedly saved lives.

Here's the word . . .

Several community members called Clark a hero. And many felt the outcome of the shooting could have been far worse without his response.

Clark is an officer with more than 15 years of service, including seven as a school resource officer, according to Olathe police, in a tweet from the start of this school year.

Social media posts from parents and community members describe Clark as a positive influence at the school. The police department posted photos in 2019 of Clark speaking to a class of students about "his role in their school, ways for them to be safe online, and other safety topics, as well as answering all their law enforcement questions."

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