Missouri Guv Parson Should Stop Internets Beef With Journalist

First of all, this online slap fight just makes the Missouri Guv seem like he doesn't know anything about the Internets or online security precautions that are going to be more important as we reenter a cold war with Russia.

Remember . . .

TKC actually likes this Guv. He ran a great campaign against progressive challenger who was more empty suit than savior. He rescued the GOP from the disgrace of former Guv Eric Greitens AND as a former law enforcement official his administration has served as a reminder to local activists about the political leanings of most Missouri voters. 

However . . . He's just wrong about this Internet beef and, like most old school denizens of the Internets, it's hard for him to let go of an online flame war. This is understandable . . . TKC still remembers legendary "flame wars" from back in the roaring IRC 90s.


The journalist in this instance behaved with exceptional ethics and the Missouri Guv sticking with the "blame the media" tactic locks Missouri right-wing politicos into an adversarial relationship with media that's already unnecessarily hostile. 

Here's a roundup of the sitch . . .

Once the reporter confirmed the Social Security numbers of hundreds of thousands of teachers were at risk of public disclosure, he notified the state, explained how he found the flaw and promised not to publish anything until the issue was fixed.

State officials wanted to thank him. But the governor instead convened a press conference to call the reporter a hacker and push for a criminal investigation.

Even after the prosecutor’s public statements explaining why charges wouldn’t be filed, Parson has refused to back down from his claims.

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Parson digs in against new evidence absolving reporter he accused of being a hacker

By Jason Hancock Gov. Mike Parson on Thursday once again refused to accept the conclusions of an investigation by the highway patrol and Cole County prosecutor surrounding a reporter who uncovered a security flaw in a state website.