Meth Town Counts The Money???

Quick update at an EPIC ACCOUNTING FAIL that has already killed one political career.

Here's Eastern Jack proving that they're just as sketchy as anywhere else in the metro despite some valiant efforts at accountability . . .

Councilman Mike Huff has introduced a proposal for the city to also consider hiring a forensic audit firm with experience investigating misappropriation of public monies.

Huff wants another independent inquiry to examine all city employees, payroll and City Manager Zach Walker. There has been a call to fire Walker for not knowing how taxpayers' money was being spent.

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Independence Council to consider second investigation into public payroll

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The misuse of public funds at the Independence Police Department has some on the city council considering hiring an independent auditor. The city already has hired Dan Nelson of the Spencer Fane law firm to investigate the misuse of police overtime.