Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Fights Challenger Over Suspending Federal Gas Tax

It's unclear if Kansas voters despise Prez Biden so much that they wouldn't take a coupon from him. 

Diehard right-wingers might argue against a discount for fear that the publicity stunt might prove effective at winning votes. 

Meanwhile . . . Amanda Adkins is absolutely correct that the move is nothing more than political theater and doesn't really solve the crisis.

Here's a quick overview of the gas hike debate . . .

Sharice Davids, the 3rd District representative seeking re-election, said the 18-cent-per-gallon tax should be suspended through legislation that would shield the highway trust fund from a decline in revenue. The proposal emerged as consumers dealt with sticker shock worsened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Here at home, folks are already feeling the effects of this uncertainty, mainly in the form of rising prices at the gas pump,” Davids said. “This comes as hard-working Kansans are also dealing with increased prices on groceries and medicine, further squeezing what was already a tight budget for many families.”

Adkins, who is seeking the GOP nomination in the 3rd District after losing to Davids in 2020, denounced the idea with posts to social media.

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Davids renews call for suspension of federal gas tax; Adkins rejects idea as 'gimmick' - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Democratic U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids and Republican congressional candidate Amanda Adkins disagree about proposals before Congress to temporarily suspend the federal tax on gasoline for the remainder of the year due to surges in fuel prices at the pump.