Kansas Laws Kill Trans Youngsters?!?

Straight or gay, NOBODY should kill themselves over ephemeral hardships of high school.

Most adults look back on this time in their life and laugh about how much stress was wasted over events, relationships and work that was completely meaningless and totally forgotten.

Still, the classic "think of the children" gambit still works in the lower rung of American politics.

Fact is, for better and worse, it seems that younger people are able to more easily navigate rapidly evolving gender norms than most adults. 

What's more frustrating is that culture war argumentation over sexuality serves as convenient distraction when most voters are more concerned about issues like gas prices and inflation.

Accordingly, here's a screed that's highlighted on a sponsored content prog blog which imagines that political opposition wants to murder youngsters -- An unfair, hyperbolic and far too emotional response to some legit concerns from parents:

Anti-transgender legislation, demanding that the word “gay” isn’t whispered in classrooms, and punishing parents that dare to love their children wholly — none of these things are going to change who these kids are on the inside. The only thing these bigoted “solutions” do is make more kids depressed, tear families apart and kill children.

It shouldn’t be radical to say I don’t want kids to kill themselves, but apparently, that’s where we’re at.

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Fighting anti-trans legislation is suicide prevention - Kansas Reflector

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