Kansas Guv Kelly Desperately Seeking Grocery Tax Win

An ongoing issue might determine the political fate of this politico confronting a tough reelection battle.

Here's her continued push on a homespun issue . . .

Gov. Laura Kelly has ratcheted up the public pressure on lawmakers to axe the food tax with public events, media releases, newsletters and social media posts.

"I'm sure her frustration, and my frustration, too, if I was in her shoes, was this was proposed early on," said Rep. Adam Smith, R-Weskan. "And here it is March already, and there hasn't been any movement on it. So I'm sure she's just trying to maybe do that to put a little pressure on the Legislature to get moving."

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Is a food sales tax cut compromise in the works? Kansans 'need to be contacting their legislators'

Kansas lawmakers are running into a time crunch if they want to cut the state's 6.5% sales tax on food in time for consumers to start saving money this summer. "Now's the time for people out there, if they really want this, they need to be contacting their legislators," said Rep.