Kansas COVID Political Push Back Persists

Some people believe that the pandemic is finished. 

However, this legislation proves that the legacy of the plauge will live forever in the minds of residents along with so many sketchy laws on the book . . . Take a peek . . . 

The Senate health committee approved a bill that would allow parents to get a no-questions-asked religious exemption from requirements to vaccinate their children against more than a dozen diseases, including measles, whopping cough, polio and chickenpox.

The measure also would limit pharmacists' ability to refuse to fill prescriptions for the anti-worm treatment ivermectin and other drugs for off-label uses as COVID-19 treatments.

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GOP revives anti-vax, pro-ivermectin measure in Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. - Conservative Republican lawmakers on Thursday revived a proposal to weaken Kansas' vaccination requirements for children enrolling in school and day care and to make it easier for people to get potentially dangerous treatments for COVID-19.