Kansas City Sunday Look: Grants For Cash As Pope Denounces War Again

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City Hall Also Awards Good Ideas

Making a Change: Pitch your plan to improve KCMO


Gambling With Revenue

Kansas looking to legalize sports betting once again

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Get those bets in if you're in Kansas, as they may soon be on the growing list of states legalizing sports betting. If at first you don't succeed try again. That's what Legislators in Kansas are doing, bringing back up a sports betting bill that previously failed.

Police Ask For Community Help

KCPD searching for missing/endangered woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police Department are searching for a missing woman who was last seen Sunday morning around 1 a.m. Bessie Collins is 87-year-old, standing 5'9″, 130 pounds with grey hair and brown eyes. Police say she was last seen in the area at 4915 Walrond Avenue wearing black pants, a black jacket, and red shoes.

Late Fees Outdated

More and more Kansas libraries are fine with you not paying overdue fees

WICHITA, Kansas - Kate Webb and her 2-year-old son, Teddy, sat in the children's section of Wichita's Advanced Learning Library watching an educational video about animal sounds on a brightly colored monitor. "What's that?" Teddy asked, pointing. "That's an owl," his mother said. "Hoooo, hoooo!"

More Deets On Barista Backlash

Overland Park Starbucks' employees go on strike

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Starbucks employees at the location of West 75th in Overland Park closed up temporarily to go on strike. They want to unionize for better wages and an overall better job environment. Hannah Edwards, a shift supervisor at the location, shared her thoughts.

About Replacing Angels

Victoria's Secret's Woke Ad Campaign | City Journal

Last year, undergarment retailer Victoria's Secret was in crisis. Sales were down, stores were closing, and activists-having accused the company of everything from transphobia to deforestation-had badly damaged the brand.

Elections Have Consequnces

Senate GOP eyes Hunter Biden, Fauci probes after midterms

The potential probes underscore both the headaches awaiting Democrats if the House or Senate flip heading into 2024, but also the shifting power dynamics within the Senate GOP conference where a stream of retirements of more pragmatic-minded senators is elevating newer, more combative Republicans.

MAGA Against Interventionism

Trump-aligned 'America First' holdouts don't follow GOP in backing Ukraine

They are a distinct minority in their own party and, for that matter, their country: Republican holdouts amid an ever-widening consensus that Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine poses a mortal threat to American interests. A far right wing of the Republican Party tightly bound to former President Donald Trump is fighting to push the GOP toward the "America First" isolationism that underpinned his 2016 presidential bid.

COVID Comeback Feared

Officials wary of new COVID-19 surge as country relaxes

A new surge in COVID-19 infections in Europe has public health experts concerned the U.S. is not prepared to respond to a similar wave. Much of the country has lifted the few remaining precautions after a sharp decline in cases. U.S.

Warzone Outcry Cont'd

Mariupol terror will go down in history - Zelensky

In a late night video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned Russia's constant bombing of Mariupol, calling it "a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come." For more than two weeks, the city has seen frequent Russian strikes which have cut off electricity, gas, running water and other supplies.

Holy War Outrage

Pope says 'slaughters and atrocities' committed daily in Ukraine

VATICAN CITY, March 20 (Reuters) - Pope Francis, continuing his implicit criticism of Russia, called the conflict in Ukraine an unjustified "senseless massacre" and urged leaders to stop "this repugnant war". "The violent aggression against Ukraine is unfortunately not slowing down," he told about 30,000 people in St.

Hippie Sandals Celebrated

Church of the Birkenstock

Mick Ranney started selling and repairing Birkenstocks in Lawrence, Kansas, decades ago. The brand's popularity has ebbed and flowed - although its current wave of fashion cred is proving more enduring than any before. Throughout it all, Ranney has stayed a "true believer" in shoes worth fixing.

Constant Refrain From Newspaper

An 18th & Vine renaissance: Boone Theater and Black Movie Hall of Fame to join revival

Shomari Benton and Shawn Edwards are old enough to remember when city officials promised to turn Kansas City's historic jazz district into a world-famous tourist attraction - only for that vision to sputter year after year after year.

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Sunday will be warm, dry, and windy

Sunday will be warm, dry, and windy, but that comes with the risk of outdoor fires easily starting and quickly spreading.High temperatures around 76 degrees for most of the metro.Tomorrow will be cooler with high temperatures around 65 degrees. It will be windy in the morning and by around 7 p.m., most of the area will see rain.

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