Kansas City Star Unfairly Reported 'Parents Bill Of Rights' Seyz Right-Wing Blog

Now more than ever, MSM push back is important and part of the mainstream conversation.

Here's a recent passage targeting local dead-tree coverage . . .

The story says, “Supporters and opponents of the bill were limited to 30 minutes on each side to make their case. Only three supporters showed up and each got 10 minutes to speak. The dozens of teachers and lobbyists there to testify against it received just two minutes each.”

That paragraph includes two claims that are deceptive at best. The three proponents were allotted 10 minutes each, but none used their full allotment; their collective testimony was about 22 minutes. Also, there were not “dozens” there to testify; 13 people spoke in opposition to the bill.

The Star also falsely accused the Committee Chair, Rep. Kristey Williams (R-Augusta), of rudely cutting opponents off. They quote opponent Tom Witt saying, “We weren’t even allowed to finish a sentence at the end of our two minutes. We were just cut off and told to go sit down.”

That is simply not true, and the Star reporters would know that if they watched the video.

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