Kansas City Star Turns Against Mayor Q?!?

This week the newspaper proved totally out of touch, disconnected from local events and clueless about what residents REALLY think of local government.

However, even more interestingly . . .

The dead-tree pundits betray a sense of frustration with Mayor Q.

Check their hot take about the budget which casts blame on the city hall honcho in addition to sending a great deal of vitriol the way of the cops . . .

But Mayor Quinton Lucas deserves most of the blame. He was the first to raise the issue of partial local control, pushing through an ordinance last May that promised reform and accountability for the Kansas City police.

The department detests real supervision, of course, so it sued, costing local taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Judge Patrick Campbell said police budget changes are only possible in the spring, at budget time. He was wrong, but he is a judge, so the ruling stuck.

That’s when Mayor Lucas began his retreat. There was no appeal of Campbell’s ruling, so it remains in effect. Then, early this year, he gave the police department nearly everything it wanted through negotiations, eliminating any meaningful city oversight.

He opposed the Shields plan Wednesday. He’ll get his way Thursday. One council member said real police reform became impossible when Lucas caved. And here we are.

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Thanks for nothing, Mayor Q: Your loss of nerve just cost KC any hope of local control

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Kansas City councilwoman Katheryn Shields said Thursday morning she won't try again to bring accountability to the police department in this year's budget. In an interview, Shields said her effort to enable city oversight of $33 million in police funding got a full debate Wednesday and lost on a tie vote.