Kansas City Star Seyz Websites Kill You!!!

Allow us a quick review of a curious story . . . 

In one of the most anemic Sunday issues we've seen in quite some time, the Kansas City Star warns against the evils of surfing the web.

The remarkably off-putting message seems like a throw back from the mid-1990s and mostly builds on the reporting work of a better newspaper back East . . .

One of these pro-suicide websites was described by The New York Times as a place where "users share their suicide plans with one another, promote poisons and post 'goodbye posts' and real-time suicide attempts, which are the most-viewed posts on the site."

The founder of another such website described it as a "place for people to find help and a place to vent, as well as a place to find a suitable way of choosing to end their own lives, if that is their desire."

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2 Kansas City Residents Die By Suicide After Visiting Website Encouraging Self-Murder

Two Kansas residents who took their own lives in separate incidents nearly half a year apart allegedly visited the same pro-suicide website prior to their deaths. Miles Smith, 31, died in a Kansas City apartment in August 2021 after consuming a lethal dose of an unidentified chemical, The Kansas City Star reported.