Kansas City Star Pundits Support Municipal ID Cards In The Dotte

A highlighted letter to the editor offers a peek at the opinions of the last dozen people who read the newspaper.

Meanwhile, it's important to know that the Kansas GOP is hard at work pushing back against sanctuary cities. 

Still, here's the word . . .

"Few people recognize the anxieties of undocumented life. But with emerging policies such as this act, many local undocumented immigrants may feel less hesitant about driving at night to take their sick child to the emergency room for fear of being stopped because they fit a “profile.” Others may feel more comfortable reporting being the victims of crime."

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Municipal ID cards are a game-changer for vulnerable residents of Wyandotte County

OPINION AND COMMENTARY As a child of immigrants who also researches and advocates for immigration reform, I was overjoyed to hear the Safe and Welcoming Act was passed in Wyandotte County. Local advocates for immigration reform have fought for half a decade to get it passed.

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You decide . . .