Kansas City Star, Prosecutor Demonize Convicted Former Detective & Forgive Abuser

Credit where it's due for a dubious achievement . . . 

A former Pulitzer Prize nominee penned one of the most scathing anti-cop screeds we've read from a major metropolitan newspaper. 

Even better (or worse), the Jackson County prosecutor helped her out with timely quotes.

The point of contention . . . 

Nobody seems to care that seemingly sainted & martyred Cameron Lamb brutally abused his former girlfriend before he was killed by police.

This isn't uncommon, domestic abuse and violence suffered by African-American women has been habitually ignored by mainstream media.

Yes, we know there are a great many conservative readers of TKC but here's a chance to do something nice and right . . . STANDING UP FOR BLACK WOMEN SUFFERING DOMESTIC ABUSE makes a convenient talking point in this case BUT it's also the right thing to do in EVERY circumstance. 

During the pandemic the number of African-American women who suffered abuse and homicide has skyrocketed in KCMO and that inconvenient problem as been politely ignored by our progressive media and leaders.

Meanwhile . . .

The newspaper focuses their ire against a convicted former police officer and works to imagine a crime scene that neither the columnist nor the prosecutor visited. 

Here's the premise of a recent screed . . .

"The vilification of Lamb to excuse DeValkenaere, who had no right to even be in Lamb’s yard, infuriates Baker. Rank and file officers, she said, were given “misinformation about Cameron Lamb” that then led the public to wonder “was he good enough for the rule of law to apply to him? I don’t give a goddamn if the police department thinks he’s not entitled to the rule of law. He’s a human being, and I think he is.”

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Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker infuriated by notion Cameron Lamb deserved to be shot

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Now that former Kansas City police detective Eric DeValkenaere has been sentenced to six years in prison for killing a 26-year-old Black man, Cameron Lamb, in his own backyard, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker wants to talk about a case that could and should impact policing in this town for years to come.