Kansas City Star Downplays Public Education FAIL In Support Of Allies

There aren't many people who can argue that American public schools aren't fading into oblivion.

The real debate is over placing blame. 

Accordingly, here's a conservative news outlet fighting with this cowtown's daily newspaper over a desperate future ahead for flyover country students . . .

Their most grievous offense, however, is not against Derek Schmidt, but the tens of thousands of students that the public school system ignores.  The Star and Mary Sue Wilson defend the system while ignoring the fact that there are more high school students below grade level in Kansas than are on track for college and career.

In math, for example, 62% of Leavenworth high school kids are below grade level and only 14% are on track for college and career.  Statewide, the results are 47% and 20%, respectively.

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KC Star pushes Kelly for governor with school funding lie - The Sentinel

A guest column in today's Kansas City Star by a retired teacher makes an outrageously false claim about school funding to promote Laura Kelly for governor over Derek Schmidt. The teacher may only be repeating false information she was given by education officials, but the Star's editorial page knows her claim to be fabricated.